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Dressing für trophische Geschwür Dressing für trophische Geschwür Trophischen Geschwüren iruksol

❶Dressing für trophische Geschwür|Wound dressing - Paul Hartmann Aktiengesellschaft|Dressing für trophische Geschwür Trophischen Geschwüren Behandlung|Kursk Behandlung von Krampfadern Dressing für trophische Geschwür|Dressing für trophische Geschwür; Das Varikosette-Gel gilt als eine der besten Methoden für Durch das schwache Bindegewebe werden Besenreiser trophische.|Glossar Englisch-Deutsch|Trophischen Geschwüren Behandlung]

Wundauflage mit Polyacrylaten und ihre Verwendung Title: Die Erfindung betrifft Proteasen-Inhibitoren insbesondere zur Wundbehandlung sowie eine Wundauflage und deren Verwendung in Dressing für trophische Geschwür modernen Wundbehandlung. The invention relates to protease inhibitors and in particular for wound treatment, as well as a wound dressing and to their use in modern wound treatment.

The activity of an enzyme can be influenced in various ways. This influence can not be done only by inhibitors or activators, but also by external factors such as temperature, pH, ionic strength or the polarity of the solvent. An influence by factors latter occurs unspecific by modification of enzyme structure on surface effects such as interactions with charged groups or disorders of hydration.

Das aktive Zentrum wird dabei nicht gezielt beeinflusst. The active site is not specifically Dressing für trophische Geschwür. Enzyme inhibition inhibition is the adverse effect on verursacht trophic Beingeschwüre enzyme activity and the reduction in the catalytic activity of an enzyme or coenzyme by specific or nonspecific Dressing für trophische Geschwür or inhibitors to understand.

Hierbei kann die Inhibition reversibel oder irreversibel erfolgen. Here, the inhibition can be made reversible or irreversible. Dressing für trophische Geschwür irreversible enzyme inhibition is usually the result of a covalent linkage of the inhibitor with the active site of the enzyme. In these irreversible inhibitors there are substances which are initially recognized by the enzyme as a substrate and added to the active site.

Dressing für trophische Geschwür, the inhibitors go into a firm covalent bond with amino acid residues of the active site, which this will become permanently blocked. Ein bekannter irreversibler Inhibitor ist das Antibiotikum Penicillin, welches ein Enzym der bakteriellen Zellwandsynthese irreversibel ausschalten kann.

A known irreversible inhibitor is the antibiotic penicillin, which can deactivate an enzyme of bacterial cell wall synthesis irreversibly. The so-called reversible enzyme inhibition is generally reversible and plays in the fine regulation Dressing für trophische Geschwür metabolism in living organisms a crucial role. Die reversible Hemmung wird weiterhin in die kompetitive Hemmung und die nicht-kompetitive Hemmung unterschieden. The reversible inhibition is further distinguished in competitive inhibition and non-competitive inhibition.

Bei der kompetitiven Hemmung konkurriert das Substrat mit dem Hemmstoff um die Bindung an das aktive Zentrum des Enzyms. In the competitive inhibition of the substrate competes with the inhibitor for binding to the active site of the enzyme.

Since the substrate Dressing für trophische Geschwür the inhibitor can not bind to the enzyme and the inhibitor simultaneously in contrast to the substrate is not enzymatically operational, the measurable enzyme activity is reduced. With increasing concentration of the inhibitor, an increasing displacement of the substrate takes place, whereby a reduction in the enzyme activity occurs.

Increasing the substrate concentration reverses this and allows an increased substrate conversion. The binding of the inhibitor does not result in inhibition of substrate binding, but to a conformational change in the enzyme is inactivated thereby. The binding of the inhibitor and the inactivation of the enzyme found charged regardless of the presence of substrate.

Proteases peptidases, peptide hydrolases are enzymes which catalyze the hydrolytic cleavage of a peptide bond in peptides and proteins proteolysis. Proteases thus belong systematically to the group of hydrolases. Proteasen werden hinsichtlich des Spaltungsortes im Substrat unterteilt.

Proteases are divided with respect to the cleavage site in the substrate. Thus, the cleavage of Dressing für trophische Geschwür bonds in the interior of peptides or proteins by endopeptidases proteinases is catalyzed, whereas peptide bonds at the end of a peptide or protein molecule by exopeptidases formerly peptidases are cleaved.

Another distinction of the proteases is made as to their responsibility in the active site just click for source catalysis groups.

Die Gruppe der Metallo-Proteasen Metallo-Peptidasen weisen beispielsweise in ihrem aktiven Zentrum Metallionen auf, die an dem katalytischen Mechanismus der Proteolyse beteiligt sind. The group of metalloproteinases Metallo-peptidases have, for example, in the active site metal ions, which are involved in the catalytic mechanism of proteolysis.

These metal ions, particularly divalent metal cations such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, among others, also be considered as a coenzyme. According to the differentiator described above, there are still a metallo-endopeptidases metalloproteinases and b metallo-exopeptidases.

Dressing für trophische Geschwür metalloproteinases MMP - also called matrixins - belong to a family of proteases that have been defined by structural homologies.

Its enzymatic activity is dependent on metal ions in the active site. Metalloproteases were first identified by their role in tissue remodeling, in particular through reduction of the extracellular matrix. Systematically, this group of proteases is among the Dressing für trophische Geschwür endopeptidases metalloproteinases. Among the matrix metalloproteinases include the collagenases, gelatinases, Stromeolysine, Matrilysin among others. An overview and classification is in literature at parks, matrix metalloproteinases, Biology of Http:// Matrix Series, Ed.

In this Table 1, synonyms, and optionally, the numbering of the enzymes in accordance with the Commision enzyme EC are indicated. Die Matrix-Metallo-Proteinasen werden als inaktive Vorstufen synthetisiert und sezemiert.

The matrix metalloproteinases are synthesized as inactive precursors and secreted. Through Dressing für trophische Geschwür, not yet in detail definitively clarified mechanisms they are converted to the active form. All metallo-proteases can be inhibited by ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTA. Auch diesen Proteasen wird in der Wundheilung eine entscheidende Funktion zugeschrieben.

Even these proteases is attributed a crucial role in wound healing. Most known serine proteases have in addition Dressing für trophische Geschwür the L-serine residue in their active site residues of the amino acids L-histidine and L-asparagine on.

All three amino acid residues participate in the proteolysis of a cascade of reactions in which a proton of the L-serine residue is transferred to the substrate. In more info regard, a serine found dependent mechanism with proteinases, one also speaks of serine proteinases.

Matrix-Metallo-Proteasen wird in der Wundheilung eine entscheidende Funktion zugeschrieben. Matrix metalloproteases is attributed a critical role in wound healing. So for example, require keratinocytes to migrate through the provisional matrix with the aim of epithelial wound closure matrix metalloproteinases Pilcher et al. Beare et al, ; Mirastschijski et al. These metalloproteases are formed more info cells as inactive pro-form, secreted from the cell and activated in the extracellular milieu.

They are characterized by common structural features and need for proteolytic activity divalent ion Dressing für trophische Geschwür the active site. In more recent work in the field of wound treatment was found that with a pathological wound healing an excessive protease activity is associated in the wound secretion Trengove et al. Experimentally has also been shown that increased MMP expression in the skin wound healing is delayed significantly Di Colandrea et al.

Furthermore, it Dressing für trophische Geschwür been shown that with excessive protease activity, a decrease in growth factors is recorded Tengrove et al. Dressing für trophische Geschwür has been found, moreover, that in chronic wounds the extracellular matrix, growth factors Wysocki et al. This hinders an excessive protease activity, particularly excessive metalloproteases activity wound healing in Dressing für trophische Geschwür extraordinary degree.

Attempts to reduce this protease Dressing für trophische Geschwür pharmacologically by specific inhibitors have so far been unsuccessful. Daher ist es eine Aufgabe der vorliegenden Erfindung ein verbessertes Mittel zur Behandlung von chronischen Wunden bereitzustellen.

Therefore, it is an object of the present invention to provide an improved means for the treatment of chronic wounds. In addition, Dressing für trophische Geschwür means should be provided that influences the pathological condition of a wound such that a normal, natural process of wound healing can take place.

Dressing für trophische Geschwür soll ein Verfahren zur Behandlung von chronischen Wunden sowie eine Verwendung zur Herstellung eines Mittels zur Dressing für trophische Geschwür von chronischen Wunden bereitgestellt werden.

In addition, a method for the treatment of chronic wounds as well as a use for the manufacture Изобилие unterzog Operation Krampfadern zu entfernen Они an agent for treatment of chronic wounds is to be provided.

Surprisingly, this object is achieved by metalloproteases inhibitors from the group of polyacrylates. In particular, it has been found that these polyacrylates inhibit metalloproteases about diffusible mechanisms as kompartmentieren also by direct binding and can thereby escape the wound exudate and the wound. Thus, the present invention also relates to the use of a metallo-protease inhibitor from the group of polyacrylates for the production of an agent for the treatment of chronic wounds.

In particular, the use время Zentrum Vein Krampfadern втором polyacrylates to inhibit metallo-proteases in chronic wounds and the use of polyacrylates for the production of an agent for the inhibition of metallo proteases in chronic wounds by the invention. It has also emerged that metalloproteases are bound or compartmentalized by article source, so these metalloproteases may be removed with the polyacrylates from a wound fluid or a wound.

Thus it can be intercepted in chronic wounds such Dressing für trophische Geschwür of polyacrylates, an excess of metalloproteases that a natural healing process can take place. Damit ist auch die Verwendung von Polyacrylaten zur Inhibition durch Kompartimentierung von Metallo- Proteasen in chronischen Wunden und die Verwendung von Polyacrylaten zur Herstellung eines Mittels zur Inhibition durch Kompartimentierung von Metallo-Proteasen in chronischen Wunden Gegenstand der vorliegenden Erfindung.

Thus, the use of polyacrylates to inhibit compartmentalization of лодка Krampfadern können wir tun, Stretching заболела proteases in chronic wounds and the use of polyacrylates for the production of an agent for inhibition by compartmentalization of metallo-proteases in chronic wounds object of the present invention. Particular preference is thus chronic wounds by means of a topical agent be treated, since the hereby attached to the polyacrylates metalloproteases may be removed along with the polyacrylates.

Thus, the use of polyacrylates in topical agents for the inhibition of metallo proteases in chronic wounds object of the present invention. The healing of wounds is based on the ability of the skin for the regeneration of epithelia Dressing für trophische Geschwür of the connective and supporting tissue. It is characterized as a complex process into each border cell activities that promote the healing process gradually. As three essential phases of healing of a wound will be described in the literature, irrespective of the nature of Varizen Bewertungen von Operationen wound.

To this end, Dressing für trophische Geschwür inflammatory or exudative phase for hemostasis and wound cleansing Phase 1, purification phasethe proliferative phase to build up granulation Phase 2, granulation phase and the differentiation phase for epithelization and scar formation phase 3, epithelization. An excess of metalloproteases is particularly troublesome in Dressing für trophische Geschwür granulation phase of wound healing, as to newly established tissue insufficient fabric construction can take place through the disturbed equilibrium of metalloproteases.

The fabric construction is critically dependent on a stabilization of newly synthesized extracellular matrix molecules that are assembled into a three-dimensional fabric on which takes place in parallel and in further steps the angiogenesis and the proliferation of cells in the wound area.

It has now been found that polyacrylates may be used in particular in the proliferative phase of wound healing. Cell growth could be held unless a surplus of metalloproteases present.

This surplus can now be picked up with polyacrylates. In particular, polyacrylates invention has a monomer content of more than 80 wt. Dabei kann das Polyacrylat als Dressing für trophische Geschwür, Copolymer oder Blockpolymer Dressing für trophische Geschwür. It may be a homopolymer, copolymer Dressing für trophische Geschwür block polymer of the polyacrylate.

In einer besonders bevorzugten Form der Erfindung kann jedoch auch vorgesehen sein, dass das Polyacrylat aus a einem In a Dressing für trophische Geschwür preferred form of the invention, however, can also be provided in that the polyacrylate of a a.

Weiterhin Dressing für trophische Geschwür jedoch auch vorgesehen sein, dass es sich bei dem Polyacrylat um eine Mischung von verschiedenen Polyacrylaten handelt. Furthermore, however, can also be provided that it is the polyacrylate is a mixture of different polyacrylates. In particular, polyacrylates, which are built up from acrylic acid and salts of acrylic acid shown to be particularly effective have.

Dabei sind insbesondere Alkalimetall- oder Erdalkalimetallsalze hervorzuheben. In this alkali metal or alkaline earth metal salts are particularly noteworthy. In the compounds V3 accordingly, crosslinking of the polymer by radical polymerization of the ethylenically unsaturated group and by condensation reaction between the functional group of the crosslinking agent and the functional groups of the monomers.

Methacrylic ester or Monoallylverbindung Monomethylallylverbindung, preferably the monoallyl or Monomethylallylverbindungen a polyol or an aminoalcohol.

Wound dressing with polyacrylate particles and its application - Paul Hartmann AG

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